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December 04, 2005



Your shoes rock! The designs are awesome and the quality is super great. Read your story and I have to say that I couldn't believe it, but God has blessed you to live another day to correct your mistakes. Keep him first and his blessings will continue. Congratulations on your engagement. Love the shoes!


Steve Madden! I have worshipped your creations for years. You make my feet so happy and my look so chic, I don't know what I would wear if you did not exist! My adoration of your work is surpassed only by my respect for you as a human. Your resiliency, determination, and honesty are an inspiration. I wish you love and peace.


Your shoes are the best. Great Prices Great style and most importantly confortable. I work in the Steve Madden store that recently opened in Ontario Canada, and I couldn't be more happy to tell people where I work and get my shoes. Keep up the amazing work!!.. and to all the Canadians out there.. Steve Madden Shoe stores are now in Canada.. Mississauga, Ontario (square one shopping centre)and Ouebec!!

brenda rix

some of your best style boots where made 3-4 years ago I want to know if you will bring back some of the older styles that where ahead of there time back.For instance "jill Joy"and there is a big demand for cool cowboy boots. You sold the coolest ones about 4 years ago I dont know the name agian they where ahead of there time please bring them back!!!


as seen in seventeen mag. december 2005. i fell in love with this shoe!!! can't find it anywhere! it is the only thing i asked for ,for christmas!! can you please help me find it! multi colored pump,(beautiful shoe,i tore the picture out and hung it on the frig.


Hi Steve
I want to tell you that I am a big fan of your shoes. About 90% of my shoes are Steve Madden. I purchased the majority of the shoes at the outlet you had in Miami. I was very disappointed when you closed down. Will you be opening up another one soon?Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Your fan,


I love the "Find my Shoe" idea... it's great! Steve, I love your shoes, they are all incredibly gorgeous. Your store closest to me is four hours away, so I don't get to visit them very often, but you are still my favorite designer. Keep up the wonderful work!


I dont know what I would do without your shoes. All I have to say is do not stop making platforms. I love them. All my shoes are Steve Madden, you are a shoe GOD!!!!


I am looking for cowgirls,bullride,and shelbi by steven. My daytime phone number is 336 324 7270


I love your shoes! I also think the find my style is a great concept. I was just wondering if you are going to come back out with a boot style similar to the Libertyy or Patrice boots? I wish those styles would come back in! I don't like the cowboy boots or the funky wedge heel. How about a classic collection for us who don't like to change what is good and works to funky and now?


This would be awesome. I have 2 pairs of the Jill Joy boots, completely worn out, unsalvagable... still I can not bring myself to throw away. Hoping this service will help me locate this boot or maybe even bring back this style!


Okay I know i'm like way late in the shoe game biz, but in the Nov 05 cosmo mag. I fell in love with this brown pump, the front has like gold, brown, and sort of a copper color, and all these colors are weaved together creating a braid effect. Cant find these pumps and must have them! Halla if ya know where i can get em!
By the way STEVE...Im hooked!


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Jacob Roder


I too like the other customers Love your shoes. I had a fire last year and lost everything, including my Steve Madden shoe collection. I had shoes and boots that were Great. I would love to purchase them again but I do not know the names of them to find them. How about the idea to give customers the opportunity to purchase shoes and boots from past seasons? I believe this would be a great opportunity for all your faithful customers. Please consider


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