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January 01, 2006



I have been trying to find the 'firey' clog in champagne...but all the stores have either brown or black....can you help?


I have been trying to find the 'firey' clog in champagne...but all the stores have either brown or black....can you help?


Dr. Mr. Madden,

I am a shopaholic, with a firm belief that the reason a person can buy any kind of shoes they want without an outfit to go with them is because you have to have a firm foundation to start with, and then you build from the ground up! :) I have always loved your shoes, but lately, I have to tell you that while you still offer some fun and interesting styles, you don't have the stylish selection that I have come to expect from you and your company.
First, let me compliment your Alyce, Bugsy, Pratto, and Splender designs, they are lovely, and deserve to be on the runway and top fashion magazines, however, the rest of the page is not up to your standard. I have sadly heard people in stores and even some of my friends saying things like, "steve madden used to be good." I know that you are still not only good, but great, but I question your advertising techniques and your willingness to compromise your talent to design ked-like glitter shoes. Please don't take this as bad criticism, but constructive from a loyal patron. Your talent is amazing, thank you for designing beautiful shoes.


I have bought the Bomber pair that soon will be delivered to me but i have no idea if they will fit. I live in Europe and my number is a 37 (6 1/2) but i have read that these heels may not correspond exactly to the supposed number. I just want to suggest that more information about shoe size is available on the site, including measurements as how long shoes are, in cms and/or inches, so that buyers may decide what´s their number more precisely.
Hopefuly next week i will have my heels and i just hope they will fit my feet!


Just got the Bomber pair yesterday and i am still drooling! It´s the most amazing, sexiest heels i have laid my eyes upon. The name does them justice! Delivery was fast, they are in fine condition and i was very lucky that they are exactly my foot size! A perfect 6 1/2 that fits my feet like a glove!
I am very satisfied! I hope Steve Madden keeps doing this sort of original, sensual footwear!



joyce brown

Here's an email that I sent to Mr. Silverman
I will NEVER shop with this company again!!!!

I felt compelled to write you to let you know how absolutely horrible your customer support it.

I've order many many items on-line and have never had an expericne like the I did working with

I will never order from your company again, and I will tell anyone I know never to shop with you on-line again.

I sent countless emails only to get canned responses that tell me to have a good day and how busy you all are, I've tried calling your phone line only to hear recorded messages telling me to have a good day after being on hold for 45 minutes and then getting hung up on automatically after you hold for a certain period of time. (this happened every time I called)

I'm still waiting for a refund from a purchase over a month ago that was shipped back immediately.

This is horrible.

Joyce Brown

Diane Pham

I am very unpleased of the whole return process. What I thought was to simplify my life made it more difficult. I have requested a return label to return my boots but never got a response. I tried to call over 20 times and the automated response asked me to leave a message or states that I'm pass the business hour at 12pm pacific time???? Does that make sense to anyone? Finally I get a response and I shipped the shoes and its been over two weeks now and I don't even get a confirmation of my return.

On top of that trying to contact a live person or even just getting a status on my return becomes impossible!!!! It's as if it is somewhere in la la land! I just want my credit back.

Cute shoes but bad service!!!!



Unfortunately, I have to agree with all the above postings about customer service. I found the perfect boot, ordered them on-line only to receive a completely battered looking pair. I can't imagine how they got so beat up looking, but I definitely don't ever plan on spending $100+ for a pair of shoes that look like they have already been worn! Of course when I immediately emailed customer service stating this, I got no response. A couple days later I called the number to speak with someone and got an automated message saying to call back during regular business hours. Care to tell me what those hours are? Also, I have yet to understand why shoes bought online are at LEAST $15 MORE than when you buy them in a store - even a Steve Madden store! Get over yourself if your response is because your helping us to find the shoes we want. Helping me would include NOT having to shop around and trusting that you are giving me a reasonable price, not a ripoff.


I have consistently bought size 11+ women's high-heel shoes at since 1999 without ever having an order-process problem......that is until this past Christmas.

I received my wedge-heel boots three weeks after I ordered them (this delay has never happened before..even in December), but instead of arriving in size 11 as ordered, they were size 9's, packed in a size-11 box!

I expected to receive a full refund, since SM (alone)made the mistake. Instead, I had to pay the return shipping cost.....This is an unfair return policy, since the order was wrong due to no fault of mine....Yes, I will buy more Steve Madden shoes, because I like their designs, but top management should take note that too much success in sales volume (and in stock price increases) has caused many other venerable brands to fade into history!!.....Most customers (unlike me) generally despise arrogant, low-service brands, no matter how nice their products are!!

Why could I not have simply returned it to my local Steve Madden Store, which happens to be located only 12 minutes drive from my home?.....I might have bought something else on the spot if the refund was issued immediately!


Your customer service was poor at best. I tried to cancel my order once I found out I would not be receiving it before I would be leaving on a trip. The email response was that the item was "expected" to arrive on time. I responded that it was not good enough and to please just cancel/refund the order before I had to go through the hassle of retuning it (which has now taken a minimum of 6 weeks). There then was no response to this request. When I emailed you again the response was "Thank you for contacting us! Please accept our apologies for the delay of your status e-mail. In anticipation of additional inventory today, we did not want to simply cancel your order. You will still receive a confirmation e-mail regarding the shipping status of your item. Due to new inventory, we expect to have all backordered items shipped today or tomorrow.”
Once again the shoes did not ship as you expected. I again asked to have the order cancelled/refunded. Upon my return from my trip the shoes were on my door step and my credit card was charged. Now here I am over two months later still with no refund. For such a large well know company this is highly disappointing and will discourage me from shopping with you in the future.

Jeaneen Vega

I am having a difficult time getting in contact with a live person at Steve Madden. I called the 1-888 # I get a recording to call back on business hours; I have been calling all day starting at 9:00 am I believe that is business hours. Can some one please help me. I am inquiring about an order and my card has been charged but all I am getting is processing. I need to speak to someone. This is extremely frustrating !!!!

Irrated On-line Customer

This has to be the worst ever on-line purchasing experience I have ever encountered. I wish I had read through the blog in this site before I placed the gift order for my wife. The shoes doesn't fit and I returned back in mid-December. It has since been almost three months and I am $150 in the hole. What a rip off! This website is totally mismanaged and I wish there is an on-line consumer union of sort. The Owner of this website should be investigated. Anyone reading this.. DON'T BUY from this site.


Dear Mr. Madden,
This is to inform you that your online customer service support has to be the worst ever on-line purchasing experience I have ever encountered.

I wish I had read through the blog in this site before I placed the gift order for my wife back in December. The shoes didn't fit and I returned back in mid-December immediately.

It has since been almost three months and I am $150 in the hole. Numerious inquiries regarding the refund process were left unanswered. What a rip off this is! Your website is totally mismanaged and I wish there is an on-line consumer union of sort that I can file an official complaint on you. This kind of business practices are totaly unacceptable and should be investigated.

Anyone reading this.. DON'T BUY from this site. Regards.

Erica Dunlap

I contacted a very nice customer service person over two months ago about special ordering some boots. She promised me that she would contact me and I never heard back. After leaving a message on the horrible voicemail that took over 30 minutes to get to, a lady called me back and told me that she would follow up and call me back....this was a month ago. I was very excited to hear about the special order for bigger sizes but the service stinks. Steve Madden charges high prices for shoes and this is what we get. While waiting for my phone call I bought some boots and have been wearing them and enjoying them the entire time I have been waiting to hear back from Steve Madden. I bet if I were Beyonce I would get better treatment!!!!

Irrated turned satisfied

After posting the comments on Feb 25th and a separate email to the founder, I received an immediate reply and apologies. Today I have finally received my credit with a 10% discount (online only though) and I will go to the SteveMadden store to purchase the shoes my wife really wanted. Good luck all.


I am frustrated with Steve Madden's return shipping policy. Initial shipping is $8.95, when I received my shoes they didn't fit. So I was charged $6.00 return shipping. In the return instructions I receive from Steve Madden is says to order a new pair online, and this means spending another $8.95 on shipping. Now my shipping total is almost up to $25, my shoes only cost $83. I have a hard time justifying spending this much on shipping, this is almost 1/3 the total cost. I appreciate that Steve Madden carries large sizes online, but they just need to figure out a better shipping policy. All large online shoe retailers have free return shipping.


I have returned a shoe back in January and have yet to receive credit back. I have tried numerous times to get i contact with a life person and it is ridiculus. Do you even have real live operators!! I kept emailing and after like 3 weeks someone would write me back saying you are backed up and that they apologize. What kind of policy is that? You charge our card right away of course, but then when we need to return, you give us a 14 day deadline and then we have to wait forever for a credit back. I love your shoes, however your online service is the worst I have ever experienced. I hope that you work on this and improve, because I for one think that it is unacceptable to wait 3 months for a credit on something that was returned!!

Furious online customer

I am very dissapointed for not having read this blog before ordering online. I too have been a lover of steve madden shoes for quite a while but I must say my attitude has recently changed thanks to the terrible customer service they have. I had purchased 3 pairs of shoes online but the shoes they sent are too big... at least a whole size too big!!! I tried to exchange them but it seems impossible. I understand that because the items were on sale its hard to find the same shoe in a different size but even though I was willing to change to another style they still won't do it!!!! Now Im stuck with three pairs of lovely boots that don't fit me!!! and they don't seem to care.... Their total disregard of this problem is serioulsy damaging to this company's image because they boast online about how easy their return and exchange policy is but they don't deliver on it!!!!!

Horrible Online Experience

I too wish I had read this before ordering online. I was charged for shoes never received and subsequently billed for them. The return process is next to impossible. I was also billed for shipping on shoes that seemed worn, which is why they were returned. This company definitely needs a customer service makeover!

JD Sease

I'm disappointed. I awaited my wedges and they arrived rather timely, in less than a week. But the shoes clearly run small and I now can't feel my feet. Oh good. I get to wait another week and spend nearly $20 to return this mis-marked shoes and hope the size I now order is right. Clearly, with the price of these shoes initial shipping as well as the return proces/reship cost should be more consumer-friendly to make up for the poor communication as to what size your shoes truly are.


How come more wide widths aren't offered? Thanks.


I have seen the boots from beyonce dereon fashion clothes line, it looks so damn hot! i love it.
take a look at them.


I have seen the boots from nike collection , it looks so damn hot! i love it. take a look at them.


This is a very non professional company, i sent back a return over 2 weeks ago and sent 5 emals and several calls and no answer either way. The credit has been pending for 2 weeks. Do yourself a favoe and DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY!!!

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